Bossou, the Quiet Force of Nimba!

Nested with the hollow of the Nimba Mounts, the village of Bossou is a bosky bower where men and chimpanzees concluded a pact. Since many generations, the inhabitants of the village and their neighbor’s primates of the Gban Mount (classified world heritage by UNESCO) live a harmonious cohabitation.

The villagers preserve the primary little of forest which makes it possible the chimpanzees to be nourished and of living. The chimpanzees, as for them, effectively inform the villagers by cries of the danger which approaches.

But the words are not enough to describe the life full with generosity, exchange and simplicity which run out peacefully along the banks of the Gobamiyi river.

Through this site, you will discover some secrecy delivered by the crowned forest of Maalou where our ancestors start their passage towards immortality.

You will go, also, meet the Manons, a people of resistant and warriors pacifist in the middle of Guinea Forestière, who knew, to the wire of the centuries, preserve their cultural identity and their historical heritage. Bossou, it is a history, a ground, a people.

The smiles are as broad there as big spaces which surrounds it and the reception as cordial as the sun which shines there all the year.