In this project, the partners are indispensable …

 SPE Tourism

Partner of the 1st hour, the intervention of SPE Tourism allows to reinforce the credibility this project like his promotion in the medium of tourism…
S.P.E. Tourism is a network of expert consultants in responsible tourism and ecotourism. Their experiments through areas of the world sometimes very wedged and their professional know-how are a wealth of technical term of support in the realization of this project with tourist vocation.

Subsidiary company of Paths for Childhood (ESA for the valorization of more responsible tourism and sensitizing with the écoconscience), SPE Tourism is an expertise precise and adapted to the economic, social and environmental problems of each territories.

 L’O.N.T Guinea

Guinea is today one of the rare countries of the African sub-Saharan zone to have set up a ministry completely devoted to Tourism, Hotel trade and the Craft industry.

According to the head of the division promotion of the National office of Tourism, the sector evolves/moves gradually on the basis of strategic planning of sustainable development of tourism carried out by the department in collaboration with the Worldwide organization of Tourism and supported by the UNDP.