Which are the requirements in Guinea Forestière?

Forest Guinea conceals true treasures in its environmental, cultural and human inheritance. It is a natural space still relatively intact and that it is necessary to revalorize and to preserve. However the populations in this zone yet were not sufficiently sensitized with the positive impact and carrying tourism in its responsible and respectful form. It is in this context that intervenes the project of the Firm Ecotouristique Inn of Forest (FAEFO). This concept has as key objective to gather on a precise place 4 basic elements of a responsible ecotourism:

  • Environmental education and optimization of the outputs of agriculture
  • Revalorization of the culture and the local folklore
  • Setting in tourism optimal and concerned of the environmental and cultural inheritance of the zone of the Nimba Mounts then of the forest area, while insisting on the formation and the sensitizing of
    young people and of the women
  • Initiation and formation with the traditional and durable écohabitat like with energies renewable

SEN using of the processes and already existing concepts in other areas even in countries bordering and having proven reliable near the local communities, it acts within the framework of this project to use them with an aim on the one hand of delocalizing these processes, of making known the various techniques and practices employed, and on the other hand to provide to the local populations the possibility of mitigating the lack of income due to the intersaison agricultural and of durably improving their living conditions to the daily newspaper while enabling them to emphasize and to preserve their natural heritage and cultural.

That will enable them to be based on a concrete experiment to realize of feasibility and return on investment to hope for these alternatives. .