Guinea Forestière, an enormous potential ecotouristic.

The Republic of Guinea, until the beginning of the year 1980 knew flourishing tourism in particular by the quality of its littoral and its circuits of hunting. Then this country gradually fell down in the anonymity of the tourist destinations. It is a fact whereas its environmental, cultural and human potentialities as important as are varied. .

In spite of an economic situation and tortured enough policy it gradually tries to cleanse its economy andstart again tourism durably.

Thus tourism becomes again gradually a key economic sector. Guinea is, today, one of the rare countries of the sub-Saharan zone to have set up a ministry completely devoted to Tourism, Hotel trade and the Craft industry.

According to the head of the division promotion of the National office of Tourism, the sector evolves/moves gradually on the basis of strategic planning of sustainable development of tourism carried out by the department in collaboration with the worldwide organization of Tourism and supported by the UNDP. Moreover all the texts regulating the tourist sector are available, a national policy and an information system strategic plan exists.

However it is necessary to note an imbalance concerning the opening of the Guinean areas to tourism. On the geographical level the major part of the tourist structures and projects developed near the littoral like in the High one and the Guinea Average (Foutah Djallon is much known to tour operators). The forest region only appears very little in the programming. That is due primarily to a deficiency on the level of the means of communication.

It is it should be noted that a significant effort was provided these last years to improve considerably the state of the roads serving this zone.. Forest Guinea conceals true treasures in its environmental, cultural and human inheritance. It is a natural space still relatively intact and that it is necessary to revalorize and to preserve. However the populations in this zone were not yet sufficiently sensitized